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This area was first surveyed, 1791-96. In the eighteen-forties and the early fifties the community was known as Norwood.

Frederick Green, in 1843 purchased a mill one half mile south of Duffin's Creek. Through his enterprise, gristmills were developed resulting in cooperage, sawmills, brick making and other trades. This the village earned its name from its early leadership, due to the prominence of the Green family for generations in the milling industry. The name of hamlet was changed to Greenwood as a tribute to the Green family, and for over a hundred years Greenwood was famous for its mills.

In its prime, in the middle years of the nineteenth century, Greenwood showed great prospects as a thriving business centre. At this time, as well as its other industries, it boasted two flour and gristing mills, and four sawmills. Ultimately, its location and other circumstances proved somewhat of a liability, and its peak as a commercial centre was reached around the turn of the century. For several years it maintained this level, but with the advent of the motor age, Greenwood was bypassed for favourably situated communities, allowing the bucolic present-day hamlet to evolve.

Greenwood might not be the bustling, commercial centre it was at the start of the 20th century, but its community life is as vibrant as ever, making it the hamlet we are proud to call home.

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