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Just minutes away from suburban mega stores and grueling gridlock lies the thriving village of Greenwood, perched along the banks of Duffin’s Creek. A village within a city, The Hamlet of Greenwood is a sanctuary for residents and visitors alike. Its bucolic countryside abounds with deer, wild turkeys and coyotes; its streams teem with salmon and trout during their seasonal migrations. You can feel the stress of everyday life leave you as you explore one of the many nature trails or muse over remnants of millraces, old dams and weather-worn footings that supported structures long since gone.

Gazing at the rolling hills and meandering valleys, it’s easy to be lulled into the sense that Greenwood must have always been blessed with its tranquil and quaint character.  Less than 200 years ago, Greenwood’s early settlers had to literally hew their homes out of the bush. The pioneers’ enduring spirit can be felt in the many surviving century homes in the area that still house families today.  For those wanting a more thorough immersion into our local history, a visit to the Pickering Museum is a must. A ‘village’ within the village, the museum is a re-created Main Street where visitors can witness rural life as it was in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Enhancing the experience of Pioneer life, the ‘townspeople’ are attired in period dress and assume historically-correct characters while they operate steam engines and refurbished foundries, or prepare old fashioned treats fresh from the hearth.

Present day Greenwood might not be the bustling and enterprising business centre it was at the start of the 20th century, but its community life is as vibrant as ever. Greenwood residents get together regularly and are renowned for their enthusiasm in welcoming newcomers and visitors to their many social events and festivals.  Some of the long-standing traditions held at the Greenwood Community Centre include the Greenwood Festival, Christmas Potluck, Wine and Cheeses, Pub Nights and the ever popular, Halloween Bash.

Many clubs are hosted at the Community Centre, the oldest group being the Weaver Club, which has been quietly running for about 40 years.  People of all ages play tennis or baseball at Greenwood’s Community Field during the warm months and toboggan down the steep hill below Valley View School or play hockey on the outdoor rink behind the Centre in the winter. Across the road, families can fish, mountain bike, snowshoe or go on nature walks in and around the Greenwood Conservation Area.

In Greenwood, new traditions can start at the drop of a hat.  Garage sales are common in the summer; building bees are organized on a whim.  Just up the road from all the modern amenities you could ask for, Greenwood has the best of both worlds: an idyllic landscape to calm the soul and a lively social scene to engage the spirit.

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